Terms & Conditions


Richsilvercloth Inc. Offers online sales according to the conditions described in this section. If you visit and shop on richsilvercloth inc. You accept these conditions. Please take the time to consider them. Richsilvercloth reserves the right to modify at any time and without notification its website and its sales policies. If you are not in agreement with one or many of these conditions, please do not use the website in any way.

All information, images, descriptions, applications, demonstrations or programming examples contained on this website are presented for instructional value and are not guaranteed for any precise objectives. Although richsilvercloth does everything possible to provide the best information possible, richsilvercloth can not guarantee that this information is just and precise and assumes no responsibility for omissions or errors. Furthermore, richsilvercloth Inc. Assumes no responsibility for damages resulting from the use of the material contained on its website, or for transgressions of copyrights and/or intellectual property from a third party relative to the use of said material.

All products sold by richsilvercloth are of good quality and are considered as being reliable. On the other hand, richsilvercloth warns against their use in an application, in a medical tool or system, in any domestic, commercial or industrial product where an error could result in harm or even death of a human being or an animal.

The primary responsibility for the use or operation of a electronic (or its technology) in the presence of human beings falls on the user.

Be vigilant and act prudently.

Cancelling an Order

If you wish to cancel or modify an order, you must advise richsilvercloth as soon as possible. You may contact us via the richsilvercloth Support Center. We will verify the status of your order and make any necessary changes without any charge. Restocking fees of 20% may apply for special orders only, if the order for your product has already been processed with the manufacturer.

We put a lot of effort into delivering our products rapidly; it may happen that your order has already been sent out when you contact us. If this should occur and you still wish to return a product, please refer to the Returns section.

Richsilvercloth reserves the right to refuse or cancel any order in cases where an account has an outstanding balance.

Visit our support center to cancel an order


Richsilvercloth Inc. Does offer discounts for most products with quantity purchase. Discounted prices are indicated on the website.

If you require multiple items and the total is over $1,000.00, please ask for a quotation and we will determine if a discount can be provided or not. At that time, the nature of your order, any repeat business and the possibility of an ongoing partnership will all be evaluated in order to offer you the best possible price.

Payment Methods

Credit card: In order to pay by credit card, you will be required to enter your credit card number with the date of expiry once you reach Checkout. We accept Visa and mastercard. If you would like more information concerning our secure payment method, please read the Security & Privacy section.

We do perform screening checks for all credit card transactions. Please make sure your address and phone number match those associated with your credit card statement in order to avoid any delays. The majority of the orders can be processed and confirmed the same day. If we have questions or need a confirmation, we will contact you.

Certified check or money order: It is also possible to pay for your order with a certified check issued by your Canadian or U.S.A. bank, or via money order, either domestic money order issued by Canada Post or international money order from USPS. You can choose this method directly during the online payment process. The products ordered will be reserved for you for a period of 7 days, while we wait for the arrival of your certified check or money order. One week following receipt of your certified check or money order, your order will be shipped out. This payment method is only available for shipping addresses in Canada and in the U.S.A.

Paypal: It is also possible to pay via paypal. You can choose this method directly during the online payment process. Please note that payments made through Paypal are processed immediately, even if we can't ship immediately (because the item is out of stock for example). If you would like to be charged only when we ship your order, we suggest paying directly via Credit Card instead of paypal.

Wire Transfer: It is also possible to pay by bank transfer. You can choose this method directly during the online payment process. The products ordered will be reserved for you for a period of 7 days, while we wait for your payment. Transaction fees (20$) are applicable with this payment method for all orders under 500$.


All prices indicated are in American currency ($USD).

The prices indicated do not include taxes (if applicable) or shipping and handling fees.

Our prices may vary or change slightly, without notice, in function of price changes from our suppliers or manufacturers. Our prices might contain typographical errors. If an error should occur, we reserve the right either to honour that price, inform the customer of the reason for such an error and correct the situation by asking the customer whether the order should stand at the revised price or be cancelled.